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Robert M

  • Total Knee replacement 1/3/2019
Dr. Bright replaced my knee, and I think he is the best surgeon. He always listens to my questions and gives me the important information I need. He is funny and personable. His assistant, Dr. Rose Bright, was helpful with several followup issues. I rank Dr. Bright 10 out of a possible 10.

David F

  • Total Knee replacement 3/15/2019
Dr. Bright replaced my knee, and I think he is the best surgeon possible (10/10).  I am in my 9th week of recovery, and so far I am doing excellent.  I would like to thank Dr. Bright, his support staff, and surgical team for giving me the future of an imporved quality of life (mobility without pain).  I would also like to thank Dr. Rose Bright for her pre and posto counseling and calls. It means a lot when the doc calls to see how you aare doing.   He always listens to my questions and gives me the important information I need. He explains things so i can understand them, and his staff is always available.  No complaints or issues.

Cynthia N.

  • Total Knee replacement 3/15/2019
In speaking with Dr. Bright, I could tell based upon his responses to my questions, that here was a doctor I could relate to and trust. I am extremely pleased. I've had no complication from surgery. I have experienced a pain level of less than 3. I did physical therapy, and my knee works better than ever. Dr. Bright is the best provider possible. He was always available, always explained things well, and he always was a great listener. He always spent enough time with me, and his office always responded to my questions quickly.  I have filled this space with only positive things because there isn't one thing I found lacking!  I am very pleased.

Edith H.

  • Left total knee replacement
Dr Bright did my knee replacement surgery in Jan. of 23. The care that Dr. Bright gave me was exceptional! I saw him several times in the office before surgery, in pre-op holding, in the OR, and twice as follow-up visits. He explained everything and answered all my questions. I was able to walk around the house by myself the second day after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Bright and have already done so to several people who are thinking about having their knee replaced.

Susan M

  • knee replacement follow up
two years ago Dr. Bright did a total knee replacement on my left leg Ihave been having some stiffness in my knee andshin so I went for an evaluationDr. Bright thoroughly explained the reasons being some scar tissue which could be remedied by more exercise such as bicycling Dr. Bright spends enough time with his patients and I was seen on time with no waitingFor x-ray or consultation I highly recommend Dr. Bright

Duncan M, Dec 2019

  • Total Knee Replacement
My entire experience was 10/10. Unlike some orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Adam Bright is open to his patients and I always feel like I am his patient for life, and not just a "one off" operation. His visits before and after surgery were extremely appreciated.

Kathleen P, April 2020

  • Hip Replacement
Dr. Bright was always there for me. He is respectful, and caring. The hip replacement solved my problems right away. There is NOTHING that I would change.

Kathy I, August 2020

  • Total Hip
My exerpience was A+. You are Great, Dr. Bright! Love, Kathy

Sharon S, July 2020

  • Total Hip Replacement
I had the best experience with my hip replacement. Dr. Bright told me my hip surgery would be a life changing experience, and it was! The hip is doing so very well. I have the utmost praise for Dr. Bright!

Gwen Z, July 2020

  • Outpatient total knee
I had my knee replacement as an outpatient at 7:30am at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and my checkout was at 5:30pm that night. PT began the next day. The ice machine and blood clot machines were wonderful. I felt very well taken care of! 10 out of 10 chance I will recommend this surgeon to my friends.

D. Miller 12/30/2019

  • Total Knee Replacement
Unlike some orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Adam Bright is open to his patients and we always feel we are his patient for life, not just a one off operation. His visits to us before and after surgery are extremely appreciated. Dr. Rose, the patient coordinator, was an excellent idea and we totally appreciated her assistance.

Sonja S 10/23/2019

  • Total Knee Replacement
I felt that Dr. Bright and his assistant (and wife!) Dr. Rose were available every time I had questions or worries. My total knee surgery went exceptionally well and also my recovery. I will recommend them to anyone that wants a good surgeon. I had no problems, and Dr. Bright is the Best provider possible!

George M

  • Leg Surgery
In March 2014, I was in a terrible accident at the Bobby Jones golf course. I was taken by ambulance to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. After several hours in the ER, I was admitted to the hospital. Around 10:00 PM this unknown person entered my room. He introduced himself as Dr. Adam Bright. When I asked him what he was doing in my room at that hour he simply said that he wanted to introduce himself as the physician who would be treating my injury. He asked if there was anything that I needed. When I asked why nobody has sewn my leg up, he introduced me to the term compartment syndrome. I had not been sewn up because he was trying to save my leg. After several days in the hospital, Dr. Bright did perform the surgery that repaired my leg. It took seventy stitches. The attending health care people told me that I was extremely lucky that Dr. Bright was my physician because he is the best...and they were correct. Today, 5 years later, I still have my leg, and I have played golf again. While not the golfer I used to be, it is good to be enjoying the sport I love so much. Thank you, Dr. Bright, for putting me back together again!
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